Dry Cast Paving

The traditional type of look.

Dry cast paving is a paving stone which in an inimitable way imparts the character of cobbles to the paved area.

The dry cast paving is ideal for use in townhouses complexes, shopping malls, office blocks, homes, and sidewalks. In addition, as a result of its thickness, it is also suitable for use in car parks and driveways.

Dry cast paving which carries the SABS mark comes with a beveled edge, however, it can be rumbled to provide the designer with a more rustic feel and can be bush hammered. Its shape and texture make it and ideal contrasting material when used with any of the many other paving ranges.

Dry cast pavers are your traditional type, they are pressed together in a dry mix and they have a rough textured finish.

  • A more open surface – quite porous
  • Faster to lay because you can lay direct onto sand or GAP 7 base
  • Top quality looks for driveways.
  • One texture available and limited sizes and colours