Wet Cast Paving

The classic Tuscan style look.

Wet cast paving adds charm and character to paved areas and has been created by taking and impression of rock face to give a beautiful rock face texture to the top of the paving. Wet cast paving is manufactured in three sizes and can be laid in different combinations for both domestic and commercial applications.

Wet cast paving is manufactured in warm, subtle colours and texture blends naturally into the environment. The wet cast paving is non-slippery when it is wet and is strong and durable. Cement grouting is not recommended when laying wet cast paving.

The pavers are manufactured with wet cast concrete. That process was chosen because of wet cast’s ability to achieve different textures – from smooth, glass-like surfaces to rough exposed aggregate finishes to weathered sandstone – and for its capacity to literally take on any form and any colour.

Allowance must be made for laying tolerance and edge cutting if needed.

Wet cast techniques are typically used to create fancy or decorative units that do not require high strength.

A comparatively wet concrete is prepared, usually in a batch process to ensure consistency. Wet cast Range of lacquer coated Pavers. Wet casting affords the brightest colours with finer and deeper texture on the paver face. This is an ideal range of product for fine detailing on paving face on one hand and shining and glamorous looking floorings on the other.

The wet cast pavers, also known as reflective pavers, are a labour intensively manufactured product, and so generally, very large volumes are a constraint with the range. Wet cast pavers are in a wet concrete style. Wet cast pavers give you that classic Tuscan style look.